February, 2019 Newsletter

Posted on: Friday, 1 March 2019

Portland Pearl Rotary Raises $3,650 at Oscar Party!

Pictured above L-R: Past Presidents Jerry Baysinger and Lori Beight, John Beight, members Sara Shah, and Kelly Morrow.

It was an affair to remember as Pearl Rotarians enjoyed watching the 91st Academy Awards on Sunday, February 24th in the Heritage Room at Bridgeport Brewery.  Around 50 people dressed in celebratory black-tie fashion and sipped on champagne bubbly.  There were paparazzi, prizes, but the only celebrity sightings were on the big screen.

Fun and funds were raised from the event, which will be given to the club’s 501(c)3 arm that funds the club’s service in both the Portland metro region and internationally. Currently, our club is working on a Rotary Global Grant for a water sanitation project in Nicaragua. Locally, the club is partnered with organizations such as New Avenues for Youth, Transitions Project – where we serve a mean taco salad, and Salvations Army’s White Shield, where we host a bingo and ice-cream social. The funds are also used for our robust youth exchange program and leadership training for young professionals through the RYLA program and Rotaract.

Our gracious hosts Jana & Seth

Oscars 2020 – Mark your calendar for Sunday, February 23rd.

Portland Pearl Rotary Elects Officers for the 2019-2020 Rotary Year!

It is with great joy that this years nominating committee, present to you the executive officers for the coming Rotary Year!

President: Paul Thompson
President-Elect Nominee: Perry Swanson
Treasurer: Jeff Pratt
Executive Secretary: Janet Young

Congratulations on your appointments and we look forward to your year of executive leadership!

President-Elect Report

Paul Thompson, 2019-20

Paul & Friends
Paul Relaxing

It’s 10:37pm and my submission is due to our communications chair in an hour and half. I started on it at 10:00am and wrote two sentences. These are not the same sentences. Those sentences talked about my recent President Elect training in terms of statistics, goals, and the three legged stool of Rotary for the coming year. All-important!

President-Elect Training

I spent all weekend with the future presidents of our zone at President-Elect training in Seattle. It was exhausting, motivating, terrifying, and joy creating. I look forward to sharing what I have learned with all of you.

And I am honored, humbled, and deeply touched that you have chosen me to lead OUR club in the coming year. I will let you down on occasion and I will let you pick me back up, and we will continue to change the world one friendship at time.

But not why I’m in Rotary and why you are in Rotary and why we want our friends to join Rotary. I joined Rotary because I wanted to give back and it turns out that I get to make deep, meaningful, and long lasting friendships not as a byproduct, but as part of the important work we are all doing.

Paul David

PPRC President’s Report 

Adina Flynn, 2018-19

Our Fearless President, Adina

I LOVE math! Doing math problems in my head while running is my form of meditation. But 1-2/3=1/3 is easy math. That’s where I’m at with my year serving this club as President. It’s gone so quickly that I find myself panicking about how I can get done what I had set out to accomplish. Mostly, I just wanted to not really screw something up. Knock on wood, but so far so good. That turned out to be pretty easy. I have learned this year that this club is a life form of it’s own. Dependent on no one individual, but rather the collective actions of individuals.

It has been so stinking cool to see that in action! It’s also why I would encourage all of you to consider a term as President whether or not you have served in the past. And why I thank all of you for what you contribute to the living being we call PPRC. It’s also why I encourage all of you to attend the District Training Assembly on April 13th at Centennial High School (focus is on training and it’s really great stuff but we have fun too!) or the more celebratory gathering May 17-19th in Bend for District Conference. Again, thank you for your contributions to PPRC and keep your eyes out for a few more tricks I have up my sleeve for the last 1/3 of my term.

Sebastian Chevalier is Portland Pearl Rotary’s January Student of the Month

Pictured above L-R: Principle Peyton Chapman, Sebastian Chevalier, Rotary District Governor Larry Hatch, Executive Director of Word is Bond, Lakayna Drury

Name: Sebastian Chevalier 
Age: 18 
Family: Eryn Potempa (Mom) JP Chevalier (Dad) Jordyn Reeser (Sister) 
Year at LHS: Senior 
Activities at LHS: President of Brothers of Color club

Involvement in the community outside school (church, volunteer organizations, youth, music, sports, etc.): Word is Bond, Portland Commission on Community Engaged Policing.

Plans for the future...education, career:  Attend Morehouse college in Atlanta and pursue a career in either being a filmmaker or podcaster.

Who inspires you? No one in particular, but I’m greatly inspired every time someone close to me achieves something important to them.  

Who's your biggest role model? Donald Glover 

What drives you to succeed? The hope that one day my ideas and actions can impact someone and influence their way of thinking 

What would be one area of our community you would like to see improvement? The social disparity between people from different economic backgrounds in Portland, especially within youth and high school age-range.

A powerful personal story that Sebastian shared with Pearl Rotarians as to how he became involved with Word is Bond, an organization with the mission of building positive relationships between young black men and law enforcement.  Since being a part of Word is Bond, he has come to understand the karmatic equation of what you put out into the world, you get back.  We wish Sebastian all the best as he finishes out his year at Lincoln and for his future plans.

Membership Report

Perry Swanson, co-chair

Get to Know our Newest Rotarians – Stacy Butchart & Nick Fandel!

Stacy Butchart 

I am a honest-to-goodness Pacific NW native, born in Seattle and raised here in the Portland metro area. I love this city and all its neighborhoods. I feel so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. I love to hike, bike, hit the mountains and head to the gorgeous Oregon coast, and whenever I get the chance, to travel abroad and experience the world.

For the past four years I’ve been a residential real estate broker and I am truly enjoying this new career. It allows me to help my clients find joy and meet some pretty significant and life-changing goals, and I love the whole process, including forging amazing relationships along the way. Prior to real estate, I was in the crazy and all-consuming advertising and marketing industry, working my way up from graphic designer to creative director and brand strategist. As a broker, I get to use the skills and experience I gained, but on a more personal and rewarding level.

Being an integral part of my community is very important to me. I’m on the Board of Girls Inc. of the Pacific NW, and volunteer and/or sponsor other organizations as well. I also donate regularly to an amazing global organization called New Story whose mission is to turn slums into neighborhoods. I’m excited about being part of this rotary club to meet like-minded folks and to find tangible ways to contribute.

On a personal note, I have two daughters — my biological baby, who is about to graduate from Lewis & Clark Law School at the top of her class, and my step sweetie, who is bravely forging her way through grad school, and life, with bravery and aplomb, while dealing with an excruciating painful, crippling, and thus far, untreatable chronic illness. My hubby is number two through infinity. Handsome and shy as all get out, but once you get past that, he’ll likely be the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.

My other loves include fitness pursuits, painting, singing (karaoke anyone?), pretending to play the piano, and dance. Oh, and my two adorable, albeit mischievous, Wheaten Terriers.

I've been interested in Rotary for quite some time. I've visited a few, and feel like this one is a great fit. Emphasis on social justice, international service and diversity are all critical issues and areas I'd like to be more involved in. And, of course, Lou!

Nick Fandel

Nick Fandel was born and raised in San Diego, CA and enjoyed a childhood filled with anything involving a board – whether that be surfing, skateboarding or snowboarding.  Nick has an older sister and younger stepsister who both thoroughly enjoyed tormenting their little/big brother.  After high school Nick attending the University of California Santa Barbara where he studied Mechanical Engineering and quickly realized that calculus is a class better taken after 7AM.  After some soul searching Nick switched his major to Finance and transferred to San Diego State University where he graduated in 2008.  Post-graduation he received a fancy new job as an analyst and was on his way to realizing the American dream, except; as many of you remember 2008 wasn’t a great year for jobs and Nick was quickly laid-off along with 8.7 million other Americans.  Since then Nick has dusted off the ashes of 2008, worked his way through the ranks of the banking industry and currently works as a Relationship Manager with First Republic Bank.

Now that you know a bit about Nick’s past what gets him out of bed in the morning other than his amazing wife, the cutest little 10 month old ever named Jack and rest of his family and friends?   Aside from his family and friends he’d probably tell you that smiles do the job.  He is ecstatic to be able to meet new people on a weekly basis and hear their stories, what makes them tick, what lessons they’ve learned, what keeps them up at night and especially, what makes them smile.  Sometimes a smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose J

Nick was graciously invited to attend a Pearl Rotary event last year as Mr. Joe Taylor’s guest.  After meeting numerous members and soaking up wave after wave of positive energy Nick left the meeting with an ear-to-ear smile.  Joe was right; it was the best Rotary in Portland!  Nick knew he had to be a member and is excited about meeting new people, giving back to the community and finding more smiles.

Rotary District Governor Recognizes Two Pearl Rotarians

Tara Mussulman, editor

During his club visit, District Governor Larry Hatch honored two of our members for their service to our club.  Jonelle Anderson and Michael Steen, were met with resounding applause. 

Jonelle Anderson

Jonelle who has been a Rotarian since 1991 and served as club president in Bishop California in 2003-2004 She currently serves as chair for Community Service, and is an active member of the Social Justice committee. A retired educator and administrator, Jonelle brings to the club the seasoned wisdom and heart of someone who has been a champion for children and young adults.

Michael Steen

Michael has been an active club member since 2006, and has served as Pearl Treasurer. He additionally is a part of the Social Justice, Community Service, and Club Service committees. Michael currently serves as President of the Board of Directors for the United Cerebral Palsy of Oregon. Michael works for Beneficial State Bank.

Meet Your Fellow Rotarian

Phil Rothrock

Phil & Remy

How long have you been a Rotarian?                                       

I’ve been a Rotarian for about 10 years.  My good friend Don Barney introduced me to Rotary.

The things I love about Rotary:

Rotary has a heavy emphasis on cultural exchange being the way to bring about world peace, whether that is a student exchange program, working with other clubs on overseas projects, or just visiting Rotary Clubs anywhere in the world.  I can’t imagine a better approach.

I absolutely LOVE the fact that Rotary is non-religious and non-governmental.  Rotary goes about doing good works, making the world a better place, with no hidden agenda, no ulterior motive.

Our Tuesday meetings are absolutely the best!  I don’t know of a better way to start my day than the FUN of our Rotary meeting combined with great programming.

A short paragraph about your family and work:

I taught math, physics and chemistry in the Congo for a few years in the 60’s followed by being headmaster of The Maun Secondary School in Botswana in the early 70’s.  I got into Real Estate on my return to the States and had my own company for 25 years.  Vickie and I were married in ’98 and we share 3 daughters, 3 granddaughters and finally one grandson from Ethiopia Remy (pictured).  We’re grateful that they are all in town.

I put myself through college as an ice cream man just dinging my little bell every summer.

Rotary Foundation

Rotary Foundation

Phil Rothrock, director

Your Portland Pearl Rotary Board has set a goal to have 100% of our members be Paul Harris Fellows.  You become a PHF when your cumulative donations to the Rotary Foundation reach $1,000. Each dollar donation comes with recognition points, which can be used to help others reach their PHF.  Perry Swanson suggested at a recent meeting that those who have accumulated points match up with those who do not have a PHF yet.  You work out your own arrangement with your PHF partner.  Dollars + Points = 1,000 = PHF.   If you have questions, please contact Phil.

We would also like to recognize members who are Paul Harris Fellows:

Jonelle Anderson, Annette Atkinson, Alan Bacharach, Dave Bangsund, Rich Barker, Don Barney, Jerry Baysinger, Lori Beight, Harvey Black, Jack Bradley, Denise Brohoski, Duane Cook, Elizabeth Cramer, Wes Davis, Roger Devine, Adina Flynn, Nancy Fowler, Seth Gardner, Farhad Ghafazade, Yelena Girich, Dave Haack, Jim Harris, Chris Krenk, Mary Lange, Ted Lehman, Matt Lillard, Pat Mahoney, Roger Meyer, Alanna Miel, Kelly Morrow, Greg Mottau, Tara Mussulman, Brent Neilson, Anne O’Neill, John Pearson, Lou Radja, Phil Rothrock, Tiffany Salzman, Dave Scott, Don Smith, Sid Smith, Adam Steckel, Michael Steen, Perry Swanson, Stan Swan, Walt Swan, Donna Tallman, Joe Taylor, Paul Thompson, Tracy Vicario, Randy Vogt, Jordan Weisman, George Wright, Janet Young.

The generous contributions to the Rotary Foundation are essential to securing and growing Rotary programs throughout the world.

5th Annual Rotary Golf Tournament

Pat Mahoney, fundraising co-chair

Langdon Farms

This year’s Rotary Golf Tournament is scheduled for Monday, July 22nd at Langdon Farms Golf Course.

Registration is $600 per foursome.  However, there is an Early Bird Special.  Register your foursome by March 15th for only $500!  You can go ahead and register even if you don’t yet know the names of your golfers.  You can also register as a single and we will place you on a team. 

Register at: https://pearlrotary.tofinoauctions.com/golf2019

If you are a non-golfer, there are many other ways that you can help:

  • Invite your golfer friends and colleagues to play.
  • Attend the golf dinner at 6 pm that evening.  Dinner-only tickets are available on the website for only $25.
  • Sponsor the golf tournament or get someone from your network to provide a sponsorship.  There are several sponsorship opportunities available on the website.
  • Put together a prize basket to be raffled at the event.
  • Donate a silent auction item.
  • Donate wine for the wine wall raffle.
  • Volunteer to help out the day of the event.

If you have questions, please ask any of your golf committee members:  Pat Mahoney, Jerry Baysinger, Greg Mottau, Roger Devine or Jim Miller.

All proceeds to benefit At-Risk Youth.

Thanks for your help in making this year’s event a Rotary success!

Community Service Report  

Jonelle Anderson, director

Lots of hands on volunteer opportunities await you in the next few months.  Please consider stepping up with your fellow Rotarians for Service and Fellowship.

BINGO AND ICE CREAM SOCIAL AT WHITE SHIELD:  White Shield is one of our partners that are sponsored by the Salvation Army.   Once a quarter, Rotarians have a chance to have some fun with the young women who are a part in this program meant to help put their lives on a positive path.  We make ice cream sundaes, and play bingo for a couple of hours.  The upcoming Bingo Night is to be held on March 7th.  We need scoopers and bingo players.  Please contact Wes wldcpa@comcast.net, if you would like to participate.  This is a great event for new Rotarians! 

GROWING GARDENS SPRING DIG IN:  Get those garden tools out and get ready to do some good on Saturday, April 20th.  If you have not been to a dig in you have missed one of Rotary’s best-partnered activities.  We need a team of about 8 willing participants.  No gardening skills required…just a strong back and a big smile.   Perry is heading up this project as our Captain.  There will also be fund raising opportunities.  So if you cannot be there, you can pitch in to pay our entry fee.  Growing Gardens is a non-profit that helps low income families create and maintain a family garden.  The focus of the project is to help insure food security.  Stay tuned for more details and to sign up.

New Avenues for Youth Scoop-A-Thon:  Who does not like more ice cream!  Each year, we help New Avenues for Youth to raise money by participating in their ice cream scoop-a-thon.  Keep your ears open for details as they unfold.  Or better yet, come to our next Community Service Committee Meeting on March 12th, right after our regular club meeting.  You will be welcomed with open arms.  This is a great committee for new members, as it is very hands on and active.

International Service – Update on Nicaragua Global Grant 

Jordan Weisman, director                                                  

Our global grant to provide improved sanitation for a village of 650 in rural Nicaragua has undergone several rounds of revision from our district mentors. It has been submitted for feedback to Rotary International, and we are waiting to get the final word from them before submitting the grant officially. We are still seeking funding partners form other clubs in our district.

Social Justice Committee

Chris Krenk, director

BOOK CLUB                                 

Please join us at the next book club meeting on Monday, March 11 from 5:30-7:30 at the Marriot Residence Inn on NW 9th and Northrup to discuss Less by Andrew Sean Greer.  The book is a satirical comedy novel first published in 2017.  It follows gay writer Arthur Less while he travels the world on a literary tour, as his fiftieth birthday looms.  The book covers themes of romantic love, same-sex relationships, aging and travel.  Everyone is welcome, even if you haven't read the book.


A number of major motion pictures nominated this year -- Green Book, Roma, The Black Panther, If Beale Street Could Talk, BlackkKlansman, Bohemian Rhapsody (and I would even include Vice) -- have strong social justice themesand all won one or more Oscars.  Also many Oscar winners were minorities and/or people of color.  If the movie industry reflects current and future culture, in terms of equity, diversity and inclusion, this is a positive sign of the times we live in.


In January, the PPRC board of directors approved an additional Student of the Month program in partnership with the Madison High School's Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program based upon a recommendation by the Social Justice Committee, in collaboration with the Youth Services and Membership Committees.  AVID is a college readiness program designed to help students develop skills they need to be successful in college. The program is scheduled to start up in April and we thank club member Adam Steckel for providing the impetus and ongoing liaison for this new program.


Please feel free to take a book or give a book to the new SJ lending library located in the back of the meeting room!


In collaboration with the Membership Committee, you've likely noticed that we are making an extra special effort to make Club guests welcome through the addition of a welcoming/VIP table in the reception area.  This is an added recruitment tool.  Please feel free to bring a guest to a meeting . . . their first meeting and refreshments are free of charge.  We also encourage all members to help make our club membership more diverse, with a special emphasis on increasing the number of women and minority community members.

Outbound Exchange Student Luna, Heads to Japan!

Our 2019-2020, Outbound Exchange Student, Luna Abadia will be heading to Japan for her sophomore year.  Japan was Luna’s first choice of countries to exchange to since she has been studying the language and culture over the past several years.  She was notified at YE ski weekend in Anthony Lakes, the first part of February.  We can’t wait to hear about all your adventures Luna and we’re also here to help you get ready!

Youth Services Report --
Portland Pearl Rotary Now Accepting Applications for RYLA 2019

2018 RYLA Participants

Portland Pearl Rotary is looking to sponsor a young professional to attend this summer’s Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, or RYLA.  Do you know of someone who is 19-28 years of age, and is interested in working on his or her leadership skills?

RYLA will take place from Saturday, July 13 to Friday, July19th at the beautiful Menucha Retreat Center located in the Gorge. 

Those interested would need to fill out the application form and write a brief essay on Leadership.  Deadline for the application should be received by Friday, March 29th at 12:00 midnight. Please send application to tmussulman@yahoo.com If you have any questions about RYLA, please touch bases with Tara Mussulman

President-Elect of Portland Rotaract, Luna Fagan attends PETS

Luna pictured below 4th from the left, with other Rotaract President-Elects.

We will hear more from Luna and her experience at PETS in the March addition of the PPRC Newsletter.

Alumni Updates

Pictured with Alexa, her parents Eric and Cheryl Morris.

From the Where are they Now File – Former Portland Rotaractor Alexa Morris, just closed on her first house!  The house located in Milwaukie and is only a short ten-minute drive to her office at the Salvation Army, where she is the Director of Communications & Marketing.  Congratulations Alexa!  Let us know when we can send a housewarming gift.

Upcoming Calendar of Events


Featured Events

First Wednesday
March 6th
Bridgeport Brewery,
1313 NW Marshall St.,

SJC Book Club, Mar 11,
5:30-7:00 p.m.
Residence Inn, 1150 NW 9th Ave.,
“Less” by Andrew Greer

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, Mar. 5, 7:15 am
International Women’s Day Celebration
President Adina Flynn

Tuesday, Mar 12, 7:15 am
Skooled – a conversation story
Julie Atkins, Journalist/Founder Vehicles for Changes

Thursday, Mar. 14, 7:30 am
PPRC Board Meeting
President Adina’s Office

Tuesday, Mar19, 7:15 am
Stories of a wanderer: Refugee Vu Pham finds a voice in film
Vu Pham, Writer, Director, Film Producer, and Actor

Tuesday, Mar. 26, 7:15 am
An equitable vision for the Broadway Corridor
June Reyes, Project Coordinator

Tuesday, Apr. 2, 7:15 am
Club Assembly
President Adina

Tuesday Morning at 7:00am
Breakfast Included
Ecotrust Building
721 NW 9th Ave #200
Portland, OR 97209