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Meet the Member - Corey Omey

Corey and Family, wife Debbie and son Henry

Corey is the current owner of EMA Architecture, a local small, triple-bottom-line company that is a client-driven and planet-focused architectural design firm. As trusted advisors and environmental stewards, EMA balances the synergies of people, program, and place to create spaces that reflect values, maintain resilience, and impart lasting positive impacts.

Corey’s foundation and interest in architecture began as a child while growing up in a family of builders, a community of craftspeople and artists, and working for ten summers at a pottery studio in West Michigan. In helping his family build multiple additions to their home, a few farm buildings, and spending time with his Dad on construction job-sites, Corey experienced firsthand the details of construction and an appreciation for the art and craft of building. At Claybanks Pottery, Corey learned the art of sculptural and functional pottery, including conception of form, production, glazing, firing, and customer interaction. During college he also designed and built a cabin and garage in the woods, which served as his summer home.

Corey graduated with honors from the University of Michigan in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture. After living in a rural farming community his whole life, he moved to Portland to experience life in the “big” city as well as enjoy it’s many outdoor opportunities in the mountains, river, and nearby ocean.

Corey began his professional career as an intern with EMA in the fall of 1998, working as part of the team on retail, winery, and housing projects. He received his Masters in Architecture from the University of Oregon in 2002, including travel and study in Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. While at the University of Oregon, as a Graduate Teaching Fellow, and for two years after as an assistant professor, Corey co-taught the Building Enclosures course. His skills include extensive knowledge of building systems, details, and project coordination. As his skills concurrently developed he became a project manager at EMA, then an architect in 2007, partner in 2012, and owner since September of 2017.   Corey has led EMA Architecture in becoming a company that operates for a common good, with respect to people, planet, and profit, as a Benefit Corporation.

After meeting his wife, Deb, in 2003 they took on a major remodel project of their 1925 North Portland home. Their home showcases the use of recycled and reclaimed materials to create an efficient, light filled home with lots of character, site generated power, eco-roofs, and environmental sensitivity that reflects their values.

Corey’s hobbies include harvesting and utilizing their home grown persimmons and growing, creating, preparing, and sharing food with friends and family. Bees live on their roof, and frequent the eco roofs and blooming plants throughout their yard. Corey also enjoys outdoor sports of nearly any kind, including kayaking, windsurfing, mountain biking, cyclocross, hiking, camping, surfing, snowboarding, climbing, riding pump tracks, and mushroom hunting. Indoor hobbies include games, cards, listening to music, drawing, tinkering, making things, and bike wrenching. Many of these hobbies and activities are done with his son, Henry, and co-conspirator, partner, and wife, Deb

Corey has been a volunteer with the Northwest Earth Institute, is a Solar Ambassador and Board Member with Solar Oregon, an active member and volunteer with GRiT, the Green Roof information Thinktank, and a member of the Build Local Alliance, and is proud to become a Rotarian and be a member of the Portland Pearl Rotary Club.

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