Meals on Wheels

Friday, 31 May 2019 @ 10:15 am – 11:15 am
Loves & Fishes Center
1032 SW Main St
Portland, OR 97205


 Please note:  wait for all four people to arrive before setting out on the two routes.

If only three people can make it, one should go on the walking route (8) and the other two should go on Route 10 by car.  If no one from the other team has arrived by 10:45 AM, please split your team and cover both routes solo.

 For Meals on Wheels, we now have TWO routes every week.  “Route 8” a walking route just blocks away from Elm Court.  The second is a new route in the vicinity of the Multnomah Athletic Club that takes about 45 minutes. It is a driving route that requires two members and one car.

 The Meals-on-Wheels pick-up entrance for Elm Court is just south of the intersection of SW 11th and SW Main in downtown Portland, on the east side of the street.  The street address is 1032 SW Main St, Portland, OR 97205.  Drive south on SW 11th and cross SW Main, or drive west on SW Main and turn left on SW 11th.  Either way, there are reserved spaces with diagonal parking on the east side of the street in front of the Meals-on-Wheels pickup point.

 The actual door you go through to pick up meals is under the second awning south of the corner.

 For both routes, the normal time to depart from Loaves & Fishes with the delivery items is 10:45 AM.  Please plan to arrive early enough to verify the item count and check for newspapers, special-diet items so you can meet the 10:45 AM departure time.

 If you do a route by car, you may want to take one of the Meals on Wheels carts along to make the distribution a little easier.

 Finally, it’s a good idea to bring a marking pen to write the name and apartment number on any food items you have to leave in the common-area refrigerator for someone who was not at home to take delivery.

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