Adina Flynn Ends Year as Portland Pearl Rotary President in Style

Posted on: Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Outgoing Pearl President Adina Flynn revealed several interesting things about herself at the annual Rotary transitional ceremony on June 25. Members found out that Adina looks chic with purple hair, does passable jumping jacks in front of an audience, and found the leadership job “tough at first but then the time literally flew by”.

She brought some ready-made supporters to the meeting, including her husband and father. She also received several positive testimonials on her service from club members, often those in other Club leadership jobs.
Demonstrating her usual humorous presentation of self, Adina paid repeated kudos to the Pearl membership. “This club is a literal machine that keeps moving,” she said. “The membership activity is similar to what happens when you jump rope. In jumping rope, people can jump in at any point, and things work out just fine.”

Adina said she was amazed at the dedication of many club members. “Stuff comes in and we need people to do it”, Adina noted. “And then so and so does it.”

She expressed a need for the Club to develop more members who could become Club leaders. She also endorsed the continuing importance of social justice. “We need to infuse social justice in everything we do,” Adina argued.
Paul Thompson will now serve one year as Pearl president. An active Club member for only a few years, Paul has served recently as the Club Service Committee Chair and been a member of the Social Justice Task Force. Chris Krenk was the other club member who was announced as a new officer. He will serve on the Pearl Board.

Much of the meeting was devoted to Adina’s detailed, informative presentation (via a number of overhead slides) of the club’s activities during the past year. Since she was involved personally in a number of projects, her report also celebrated her practical achievements as club president.
According to Adina, some of the most innovative activity involved two groups: the recently formed Social Justice and Book Discussion Club Committees. The activities of the two groups were intertwined in practice as the periodic meetings of the Book Club focused on issues such as sexuality, gender roles, and crime. The Social Justice group created a section on the Club website to report on its issues. This year, the Justice Committee presented an innovative, educational program on June Teenth Day which started (June 17, 1864) when Union troops landed in Galveston (TX) with Lincoln’s proclamation that freed slaves.

Adina also mentioned some new club activities, still in the formative stages, that may increase foreign involvement of Pearl. These include Lod Radja’s plans for a private school to serve children in the Congo and involvement in Nicaragua to enhance water production and sanitary treatment (Text by Pete Guest, Photos courtesy of Seth Gardner).

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